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A Dreamy Master Suite Remodel

Finally finishing up on our very own master suite! This was in the works for some time, and we have finally completed the space. This suite included all of the needs and wants - from space, storage, color and all the cozy feels.

We started this portion of the home about 2 years ago. Our home is a - work on it when we have time and saved up money kind-of-project. We knew there was no necessary timeline...but wanted to keep the project moving. So, at the beginning of 2019, after we finished a quarter of our lower level (multipurpose/workout room and a guest bedroom- to be seen at a later date) we dug in on where the 3 bedrooms, one full bath and one half bath en-suite were in our home. That summer, we also welcomed our son, August! So it was a pretty busy year, and then Covid, and life happened. So fast forward to today we have finished this portion - turning the 3 bedrooms, 1 full bath and half bath to 1 bedroom for our son, a three-quarter guest bath and master suite complete with a walk in closet and ensuite full bath. I know, that was a lot to read.

See below what the floor plan looked like when we moved in to the new floor plan today.

Existing Floor Plan New Floor Plan

We demoed the two bathrooms, closets and reworked, updated and added plumbing and electrical. With changing up the floor plan, we had to patch and repair our hardwood flooring. As most of you know, with flooring, you cannot just change up one space, it tends to flow into other spaces of your home; therefore, we had to refinish our entire first floor.

Construction Photos-

While we tackle one space, there is usually other spaces that are worked on simultaneously. It's not just the fact that we wanted and planned on touching every square inch of our home to update and remodel, but many components of one space impact the surrounding spaces and rooms. So, the flooring is throughout the first floor, therefore needing to be refinished all together. Another example is, we took out 4 windows in our home to be able to place the master closet and ensuite bath where they are. That of course impacted the exterior of our home. I know, I know, most people want to add more windows, but in this case the windows were in places that didn't work for the design (for example-one would have been in the new master shower, and that would be uncomfortable for everyone - even if there was frosted glass!). With eliminated a window, we plan to install a skylight in the bathroom in the future. I also choose to take the two windows out of the bedroom that we turned into a master closet, lending more wall space for our...I mean, my love of fashion and clothing!

So - working on the entire first floor flooring and our exterior of our home, this project was a big one! Not to mention adding a newborn into the mix, we only had so much extra time on our hands.

The finial space was exactly what want we wanted. A serene, cozy corner of the home that is all our own.

Master Bedroom Finished Photos~

Master Closet ~

This is truly how my closet looks. I did not alter or take away any items for the sake of photos. I planned for everything we had and wanted in this space.

We chose not to put a door on the closet and only have the bedroom door be the privacy door for this space. We wanted to have a wider entrance so my husband and I could both be using this space to get dressed or changed at the same time.

A bright, but cozy closet that has a great mixture of hanging rods, shelves, doors for hidden shelving and drawers to house all of our different clothing pieces. We really wanted a closet that was not going to be struggle to fold, hang, hide or show items.

A bit more about the closet can be read here-

Master Ensuite Bath ~

The master bathroom is conveniently located right across from the closet. We selected a rustic reclaimed wood vanity to bring in our home's rustic - warm tones and paired it with modern tile and a cool blue-grey paint color. The colors and tones worked harmoniously to give a relaxing vibe to the master...somewhere to melt the day away while you unwind after a hard day's work.

Spacecrafting Photography

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