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A family room for a party of five...and then some!

Designing a cozy family room space to seat all 5 family members, plus the added friends and grandparents!

Meeting this kind, lively family was a treat! They wanted to finally update their college furniture (yes, you heard that right, furniture from college!), to a grown up space to seat mom, dad, their three kids and also be comfortable adding a few more extended family members and friends. So a beautifully large sectional was the first item that was up for discussion.

Before ~

With the furniture on it's way out, and fast; it was time to bring in the new, much more comfortable pieces. By adding a very large sectional to fill the majority of the space, meant they could all sit together comfortably and cuddly and read with the kiddos whenever. There was no limit to how many could pile onto this sectional! The sectional is down, so the cushions were easy to sink into, yet hold up well with a little fluffing from time to time. We paired the large sectional with a fun light green chair and of course stain guarded both pieces...I did mention kids, so that was a must! A leather ottoman was added to kick your feet up and offer storage underneath for books, crayons, and whatever you wanted to store at your fingertips, but away out of site when company was present. We then grounded the space with a beautiful teal, toned down yellow and burnt orange multicolored wool rug and took advantage of these massive twelve foot ceilings to have custom made stationary curtains to frame this lovely large window that overlooked a pond in the backyard. We then threw in a couple of side tables for drinks and other needed items to kick back and relax!

After ~

This family was fun to work with. I love a couple who isn't afraid of a little color!

You can view all of this project's photos on my portfolio page!


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