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A Modern - Crisp Master Closet

Master closets really make a master suite feel luxurious. Clothing storage is a must in a bedroom. If you've got the space, why not make a walk in closet!

When we decided to take three bedrooms and one and half bathrooms into a one nursery, three-quarter guest bathroom and a full on master suite, I was so excited I couldn't contain myself. Within the master suite space, we were going to have a decent size master closet!

Deciding how I was going to design it required some work. I had to take inventory on what I had and how I wanted to store it. Did I want more drawers and doors that tucked items away, or more open storage? How many tops, jackets, dresses and pants do I have and need to hang? And what about all the shoes an purses? Don't forget, how deep do you want your cabinets and drawers and what color?

Step one - I had to take inventory of what I and my husband all had for clothing, shoes and accessories (hats, belts, jewelry, etc...).

Step two - With that inventory, how did we need it laid out? How much space was needed for hanging, folding, hidden storage (bras, underwear, socks, workout gear, pajamas/lounge wear, etc...). I personally like to see most of my items. So that meant I wanted to hang many items; even my jeans, and have open storage for my folded sweaters and shoes. I tend to forget I have something if I do not come across it with my eyes at some point. I pretty much decided the same thing with my husband.

We have been going through our home renovation for a long time. We knew we were going to take our time as there was a lot of house to cover, and we wanted to make sure we weren't going to be rushed into any decisions...and then there is do it as we can afford it rooms. So with that, we had to box items up at times and only have certain items available. For instance, while we tackled our master suite, I only had immediate seasonal clothing and shoes available for me to choose from at a given time; the rest were stored away; out of site, out of mind.

So I needed to design a closet that could be custom to our needs without it coming with a custom price tag.

Step three - What brands are out there to design closets?

There are a number of stores and brands that make closets that a homeowner can design and customize. Ikea Pax is a well known brand that can be "hacked", California Closets, The Container Store's Avera, Elfa and Laren, and Closetmaid, just to name a few. I cannot remember, but while searching for brands that were going to fit within our budget, I came across Menard's Klearvue cabinets. The brand has a kitchen, laundry space, and closet cabinet styles. It was a well constructed cabinet, offered the sizes that we needed and the look that we wanted in our master closet.

Step four - Laying out the floor plan and space and determining what I needed in addition to be able to store our clothing, shoes and accessories.

I knew I wanted a crisp white, shaker style doors and drawers, along with the cabinets being 24" deep.

Once we determined the brand, I used the online program from Klearvue to layout the closet to incorporate the needed hanging, drawers, doors and open storage spaces we wanted. Along with this step, I had to select the additional items needed to store our clothing and accessories.

I chose a couple of navy blue bins with lids from The Container store and a matching purse bin. We needed to be able to have closed storage for items such as extra body sprays and travel pouches as well as have an pretty open container for my purses. I choose to match the blue with the stackable jewelry boxes from the container store as well. And while I had ample shoe shelves for my many pair of shoes, my husband did not. He didn't require the space I needed, nor did he want to loose hanging or drawer space, so I had purchased a shoe holder, so we could utilize every square inch available to use in this closet space and give my husband shoe cubbies.

We added valet pull outs for our clothing we wanted to get ready for the evening or next day. And I of course added a center semi-flush mounted light and undercabinet lighting to have better task lighting in order to see in the corners where light is lacking and underneath to all of the hanging (top and bottom cabinet boxes). I switched out the hardware for matte black pulls and chrome hanging rods.

During this remodel time, I had also took the time to switch out all of our plastic, cheap hangers for better hangers that took care of our clothing better and didn't bend with weight. I chose a heavy duty plastic hanger with side grips for my husband, velvet ones for my tops (no more straps and boat neck blouses sliding off!), and wooden hangers for my bottoms. You do not have match everything in your closet . Add items that look good together and serve a purpose!

Note: just because you select a brand for the main closet such as the Klearvue, you do not have to purchase all of the accessories that they offer, like the hardware pulls and hang rods. Select hardware and closet accessories that reflect your home and taste.

Step five - I had to prep the room to install the cabinets we had just ordered. Along with our master suite remodel, we had our contractor smooth out our ceilings and add an electrical box for a center semi-flush mount light. We had the wood floors done along with refinishing our floors throughout, so that was out of the way. Because every wall was wallpapered in our home when we moved in, I peeled the wall paper off the top 20", because there were going to be cabinets from that point to the floor. The cabinets were 7' tall, and our ceilings were 8' tall, therefore the top 18" or so was going to be exposed. Because wallpaper leaves a glue texture, I needed to skim coat the top 20" of wall, sand, prime and paint.

We chose these cabinets because we wanted to leave some room at the top of our closet for over sized items that we may want to place up there and not be limited to a cabinet size luggage bags and hiding Christmas presents!

Here is a few photos of what the space looked like as we were just carving out the space and made a few changes from a bedroom to a closet.

Step Six - Once we picked up all the cabinets, pieces and accessories it was time to put it together...this took some time as our 2 year old son needed to help and ensure everything was installed and working properly!

Step Seven - Fill it up! I folded, hung, and organized all of our items. Having a nice new walk in closet encouraged me to fold and organize a bit better than I had in the past. I actually want to take a little more time in what I am folding and putting away. I had finally got a closet that held all of my items; good by seasonal boxes and bins! I was going to see everything I owned so I could give it all my love and attention!

A well organized closet helps get me not only find what to wear now and plan for a night out quickly, but gets each day started out on the right foot...literally, I can pick the right shoes for the right outfit swiftly!


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