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Cabinet Paint Color - What Are The Options To Go With A White Kitchen?

Tuesday's Design Tips!

I've had a few clients discuss their kitchens. How can they update their kitchens; and most want to go with white. White kitchens seem to be timeless, but don't be afraid to spice it up a bit with adding another color! Below I'll discuss what whites to steer towards as well as contrasting colors. Remember, this doesn't have to just apply to the kitchen either - what about the cabinets in the bathrooms and laundry rooms?

With white cabinets, be careful when picking a cooler white tone and be sure to check out the warmer whites. A warmer white will still give you that creamy, bright white and not feel to stark and sterile as some of the cooler whites can do.

Whites I am drawn too:

Contrasting colors for your cabinets

I have notices a popular color more and more these days: navy, darker blue, or dusty blue tones. If you have a peninsula or island, having this piece of your kitchen stand out with a contrasting color, to your wall white cabinets will look divine! Any of the darker tones of blue, green or even shades of charcoal will stand out, but still compliment the white cabinetry. The darker tone can also hide the wear and tear on cabinets, such as the sides that have stools parked in front of them. And if you don't have either a peninsula or island; you can always paint your lower or upper cabinets that contrasting color.

If white on the cabinet fronts is a must, exchange the solid door fronts with glass and paint a gorgeous contrasting color inside the cabinet.

Other pieces to keep in mind when painting your kitchen cabinets a white color - colored hardware! How fun would it be to step into your beautiful, bright kitchen and see these colorful pulls and knobs. This is a great way to add an accent color to your kitchen without it feeling as permanent as paint.


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