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Christmas Color Scheme

Tuesday's Design Tips!

Are you looking to change up your Christmas decor colors. Maybe you are looking to make it more harmonious with the rest of your house or just wanting to switch it up. Below are a few ideas to update your Christmas theme and color scheme.

Icy, rich blues and white...with a bit of gold or silver accents

Snow and ice covered lakes is what comes to mind with this color...or maybe the musical Frozen. These colors bring a calm, casual, yet elegant feel to the home. The metallic gold and/or silver adds that extra sparkle to the place to feel a little magical.

Black, white and maybe some metallic

The color scheme shouts glamour! There is something that about these looks that is very sophisticated. Depending what the rest of your home decor is, black and white can either really stand out against a colorful home environment or blend in elegantly with a neutral back drop. Adding some gold or silver metallic ornaments, ribbon for accent adds the Christmas twinkle!

Hues of green and brown

Very earthy and calm color pallet for your home. Stocking can be in a deep or pastel green with white fur at the tops hanging from a rustic stocking holder. The ornaments on the tree can be any number of rustic ornaments with a variety of green glass bulbs.

Traditional red and green

Red and green are colors that naturally come to my mind for Christmas. I tend to steer more towards the rustic Christmas charm with the deeper toned red and greens. Below are a few examples of the traditional red and green, with softer and deeper tones and hues.

There are so many different options out there. It can get over whelming to search for just what you like. I suggest pick a color or two or your favorite Christmas ornament (maybe it's fitting in what your kids have made for you when they were younger, or even your favorite Christmas wrapping paper) and start there...find a theme going forward with those colors or items. It's easy to like something and just buy it...but think about how it's going to blend in with the rest of the Christmas color scheme. Once you get going, you'll see it come together and it will be easier to build off of it going forward.


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