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Conversation Pieces

Tuesday's Design Tips!

This last weekend was dreary rainy. Not a bright, sunny, spring weekend that I had been hoping for. On these days, when hosting guests, outside isn't an option. If you're expecting guests and need some help starting or keeping the conversation going, there are options to have in the home. I can name three below

Coffee Table Books

What makes for a good coffee table book? Pictures over words are what works best. I would pick books of a variety of sizes for aesthetic and proportion, but too many. Think about what you love to either do as a hobby or something that you are interested in exploring.

Photo Albums

I'm not thinking about the the 1980's photo album that you actually when and had to develop your film and either use the albums with the plastic photo covers that stick to the pages or the sticky corners that keep your photos in place on a page. I'm thinking about all the fun ways to display your trips, family, friends, and memories in a book - by using Shutterfly, Snapfish, or one of those kinds of places. They have so many different ways to put together your story of photos, and it would be great to be able to show your adventures in life off to your guests in a stylish way.


Do I need to say much more? Art in a home is always a great conversation. Whether you paint or make it yourself or purchase it, art can be so personal to you in your home, that you want people to notice it...great for conversation! Think about canvas art, photography, sculpture, and pottery.


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