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Cozy up your home! - Tuesday Design Tips

Ideas to add comfort to your home that won't break the bank!

I love fall and sometimes winter isn't so bad...depending on how long it lasts. I get to wear sweaters and boots (not have to worry about painting my toenails is always a plus). In the fall, it's the beautiful fall colors that nature brings to my front door and in the winter mornings when I wake up to put the coffee on and look outside to see a fresh blanket of snow...such a peaceful and beautiful time. For some, fall is just the beginning to start nestling in and for me, I go into pre-hibernation mode.

When we are hosting family for the holidays and friends on a weekend game night, it's always nice to think about ways to make our guests feel cozy and warm during the cooler months. Below are a few ideas on how to cozy up your home in small impactful ways, that won't break the bank!

1. Adding layers

Adding heavier blankets to your living room, bedrooms and reading or coffee nooks are not only great to keep you toasty, but can add another color and pattern to your room. This may be a heavy knit of Autumn earthly tones for fall and red, grays, blues and/or greens for winter holidays. By layering a faux fur blanket onto chairs will add a cozy, warm seat for yourself and guests.

Adding a layer to your rugs will add to your coziness as well. Plus it will provide a little more padding to your feet in those well traveled spots such as your family room and gathering spaces.

2. Change out the window treatments

By taking down the lighter, brighter, and sheer fabrics you may have put up for spring and summer; fall and winter is a great time to add some depth and visual comfort to your spaces by putting up a fall patter such as plaid on a heavy cotton blend or velvety smooth curtains you'll want to run your hand down every time you pass them.

3. Exchange out your pillows

Exchanging out your pillows on the sofa and beds is another great way to add warmth to your spaces. By adding in the fun festive pillows with a few fur pillows for that soft comfy touch.

4. Ambiance and accessories

Adding candles to your dining room, living room and bedrooms help set the mood. Not to mention the fall and winter scents always leaves me feeling warm inside!

Switching out your accessories around the house such as picture frames and pottery from the cool, neutral summer tones to the rich, heavier tones of fall and winter as well as adding some faux leaves and fall floral will help warm up the house visually. This is a great time to change out the summer photos you have of your family and friends and display the photos that were taken in the cooler months...a stroll down memory lane to keep the conversation going and bring back some of those memorably stories!

All of these items such as pillows, blankets, candles, curtains, and faux floral stems can be found at Target, Pier One Imports, TJ Maxx Home Goods, and don't forget about Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon...all places with great prices!

Fall and winter may not be your favorite time of the year, but it can sure be comfortable and fun when you get the opportunity to switch up your home and add the necessary comforts to keep you cozy and comfortable during the cooler months!

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