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Creating An Inviting Guest Bedroom

Tuesday's Design Tips!

Lately I’ve been focusing on my guest bedroom. It’s the first room we are about to complete in our remodel (phase 1). I’ve put some thought into who our guests are and what I can bring into the space to make our guest bedroom inviting and comfortable. So with that, I went through the checklist of how to create that inviting guest room.

We all know the essentials for a cozy guest bedroom. Taking an extra step to ensure your guests are taken care of, provides your guests a more comfortable stay. I like to think about some of my best stays at hotels. What was provided to me in that room that I didn't have to go out of my way for.

10 ideas to create an inviting stay for your guests:

1. Leave some closet space with a dozen or so hangers for guests to unpack their suitcases.

2. Leave your Wi-Fi login information in a place that is visible for your guests to use. Today everyone has a smartphone, tablet and/or laptop packed.

3. If guests are staying for a longer period of time or will need to be in and out on their own schedules - a spare set of keys or lock combos and/or alarm codes left on that Wi-Fi paper will help your guests come and go as they please.

4. Leave a couple of water bottles or glasses with a pitcher in the guest bedroom. In the middle of the night is not the best time for guests to have to rummage through the kitchen for a drink of water.

5. Black out curtains for privacy and good sleep conditions are a must.

6. Store spare pillows and blankets in the room to help make cooler evenings more comfortable for your guests.

7. Have a hamper in the closet for guests dirty clothing. Some of my guests stay for longer periods of time and some will need to do laundry during their time at our place; so helping them keep their dirty clothes from their clean one in their bag will help.

8. Provide a chair or bench if possible for your guests to sit. Some guests would like a place to sit to put on their socks and shoes and some would like a place to sit to be able to retreat from the rest of the house to read or work. So if you have the space, a chair in the corner of the room would provide your guest additional comfort in that room.

9. Leave a bathroom amenity basket with those extra items for guests so they won't have to look around your medicine cabinet or drawers. Having an extra roll of toilet paper out, bath towels, an extra toothbrush, lotion and possibly any over-the-counter medications will help your guests out if they may need them.

10. Plug a night light into one of the bathroom outlets will help guide your guests in the middle of the night. Your house may be easy to navigate for your guests, but sometimes at two in the morning, it can be a little confusing.

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