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Don't Forget To Look Up!

Tuesday's Design Tips!

When updating your home, don't forget about the 5th wall - the ceiling! The ceiling plays a pretty big part how your space feels. What color are you painting it? Is it popcorn, flat, knock down, coffered, exposed beams, wood, etc...

When it comes to updating your home with maybe a new paint color, new molding, and/or doors and windows; don't forget to update your ceiling if need be.

The last couple of clients I have met with have talked about what they like about their home and what they want to update...and popcorn ceiling is always one of them that they want to get removed. In my home, I choose a flat ceiling, painted in a bright ceiling white as it contrasts with the dark walls in my living room and really brightens up the space. I plan to install medium tone stained beams on the ceiling as well; therefore the white will really be a beautify backdrop.

In today's interior design world, if you want to paint your ceiling a white of some sorts, flat or knock down is the way to go. The light that you have hanging from your ceilings will reflect better from a flat ceiling or a knock down versus a popcorn, which will absorb the light more than reflect it.

How about adding some color! Don't think that a white color is the only color you can paint your ceilings. Adding a complementary color to the space will help bring out the feeling you wish to have in that space.

If you want to add an unexpected element to your space, adding wood beams, dimension with coffered ceiling, or tray ceiling if you've got the height will add that interest to draw your eye up, but also add a lot of character to your room. And another thought is, what color are those extra elements? Are the beams the same color as the ceiling for visual texture, but not stand out or make your ceiling feel lower than it is, or are they a different color that the ceiling behind it?

There are so many options far beyond the few examples I have listed in this blog with what you can do to update your ceiling. So when updating your home, remember to look up and think about what you can do to add to the decor of your space on the 5th wall!


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