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Entryway For Guests

Tuesday's Design Tips!

Entryway decor is a preview to the rest of your home. Make it welcoming, functional and have fun with it!

Let's start with the necessary items:

1. Welcome Mat

Having a mat of some sort at the door as well as inside to wipe your feet keep your the rest of your house clean.

2. Bench/Chair

Having a place to sit when putting-on/off shoes and boots is nice to have near the door. Placing a mat or rug under that bench if open allows your guests to place their shoes underneath and out of the way. This area is also great for storing any other extra items in baskets, such as hats and mittens for the colder months.

3. Coat hooks

This speaks for itself, right! Someplace to hang coats, scarfs and hats in an organized manner. There are so many options, from single wall hooks to multiple wall hooks to coat trees.

4. Mirror

Having a small or large mirror in the area is nice to check yourself one last time before you leave.

5. A small or large table

This can be freestanding or a wall hung shelf. Depending on how small or large your entryway is, having a surface to place your purse, keys and your guests items keeps everything in one place for better organization. When I don't place my car keys in the key bowl, I am always wondering around the house looking for them.

6. A touch of you

Adding a fun wall covering just in this space, art, friends and family photos, fun fabric and furniture, or just simply something that will make you smile every time you walk past it.

Make sure you include your entry with the rest of your home. It's a space that becomes utilized almost every day!

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