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Exterior Christmas Decor


The Christmas spirit starts at the door. Adding a little Holiday decor at your front door can help spread the holiday spirit! Extend the colors and theme of what you have going on in the inside to the exterior. Or what describes your family best.

I went pretty minimal this year. And that's OK. Adding just a few items does add the Christmas magic to your front door. Instead of a full wreath, I decided to pick up white letters and a small stick wreath to spell out 'JOY' because that's the feeling I get around Christmas. I picked up faux pine for the sled and wreath along with berries, silver antlers and a Merry Christmas ribbon from my nearby Michael's. I tied everything together with simple white striped burlap ribbon and wire.

The sled I tied the faux pine together as the backdrop to a home made bow from green, black and red plaid ribbon with a burlap with red edging ribbon. I then tied in a couple of large bells and added a few faux berry twigs and pine cones.

Below are a couple more examples of simple holiday front door decor.


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