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Fall For All!

TGIF! This time of the year, we are all raking up the yard and cleaning up our flowers and plants to prepare them for the winter! The leaves are sure falling fast around here and with the beautiful earthy colors all around us...literally; why not bring some of that fall color into the house to keep in around just a little while longer.

I had to share my photos of my pooches on our fall walk around the lake.

This blog piggy backs onto Tuesday's Design Tips to Cozy up your home!

From adding pattern and color into your spaces with adding layers of pillows, blankets and rugs; here are a few more ideas to make your space more personal!

After taking around 20 photos, one of these will be great to frame and put up with my fall house decor. Switching out your frames or just your pictures you may have on your mantel, bookcase or picture gallery wall is an easy way to add fall color to your space and fun to add a different photo each year. I mean, we take so many family photos, why not find a way to alternate them throughout the year in your home!

Yep, I think I like this one! I found the frame at Target. I think the wood/bark frame is perfect to display a photo of my dogs!

Another idea to add personal touch, is make a wreath with your favorite fall fabric, ribbon and flowers. I went to Michael's and purchased a wreath wire frame, a few stems of fall faux flowers, 2 rolls of burlap and a very large B in which I painted black. I also intertwined a little bit of white lace and black ribbon to complete the look!

Tie fall faux leaves and berries around a glass candle holder with some twine and add your favorite fall scented candle...mmm I smell pumpkin pie!

For a center piece on the entry way table, dining table or living room console; fill a larger glass jar or decorative glass container with corn kernels, berries, acorns, or your favorite fall candy.

And when in doubt, add pine cones!

Hope this helped to get the creative juices flowing! There are so many ideas out there.

I'd love to hear about what you've been up to for a little DIY fall decor!

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