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Focal Walls

Tuesday's Design Tips!

Every year there seems to be a new trend or idea that get's added to interior design; focal walls and all! Below are a few ideas to add texture, pattern, and color to a room in the form of a focal wall.

Shiplap has been in for quite some time, thanks to the famous show Fixer Upper.

You can shiplap entry ways as well as any wall in any room, including a kitchen backsplash! Another oldie, but a goody is board and batten walls. The materials used can be natural or painted. Shiplap makes a strong horizontal wall and board and batten keeps your eyes moving vertical.

Tile and wallpaper have been around for a very long time. However, wallpaper, tile design, and color have been updating every year along with design innovation and trends. This will add color and pattern to any wall and some styles have texture as well.

The latest trend that I seem to come across more and more lately is creating a design or geometric shapes using wood design. It's taking the traditional wainscoting walls to a new level. These patterns are intentional of course, but can look random or balanced. Using just about any material to insert with wood can give color and dimension in addition to the wood design. Adding paint or any raw material will also add color and texture. There are so many options here.

If you've thought about what you can do to add a focal wall to a space of yours, there are so many ideas out there. Doing a little research and finding what draws you in will do the job just right in your home!


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