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Happy Fall!

The cooler air and rich fall colors that are starting to take over nature marks the seasonal change from summer to fall! Last week I ran out to purchase my fall mums and pumpkins for our front stoop. What a beautiful time of the year!

Meet my oldest dog - Couper! He tends to be our project manager at home, so I thought I'd include him in the photo.

It's a little hard to bring in fall decor for a season that is short lived. I feel like every year, the fall home decorations get more sophisticated and therefore items can easily transition from fall into winter.

Below are a few of my favorites to refresh your home into fall and carry into the winter months!

1. Warm Layers - Soft chunky blankets in deep fall/winter colors and plaid pillows

2. Add a shine and your favorite cool weather scents - Mercury glass candle holders and lanterns with deep raspberry and golden tone candles/diffuser

1. Faux Flowers accompanied by a few fall favorites - Rich colors florals and faux harvest stems partnered with wood baskets/bowls and pumpkins

Fall is such a beautiful time of the year and personally my favorite season with mother nature's rich color tones. Bring some of that beauty into your home with natural elements, warm fabrics, and rich colors.




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