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Hot Cocoa Anyone?

Tuesday's Design Tips!

For my last blog of the year, add the final touch to your Christmas decor. Organize a beverage bar to serve hot cocoa, mulled wine, or hot cider. This not only adds Christmas decor to your kitchen/dining room, but also a great treat for your friends, family, and yourself for get together's as well as family movie or game nights. It's a cute idea for the kiddos to have fun building their own cocoa mugs with the flavors you offer and the extras, like chocolate covered pretzel stir stick.



~cocoa mix (best to have loose in a container)

~mixing item

-chocolate covered pretzels

-candy canes

-cinnamon twist sticks

~whipped cream (can be regular or peppermint flavored)

~a little something extra to top off the hot cocoa

-marshmallows -camels or camel drizzle -chocolate chips, mint chips, etc... (favorite candy pieces)

~a treat to make it even sweeter -sugar cookies

-iced ginger snaps

If you want to add an adult flavor to the cocoa bar; just add the items you would like to spike your cocoa with or add the mulled cider/wine to the mix...just keep it out of reach from the kids!

There are so many different recipes for tasty Christmas hot cocoa adult beverages online, try not to get consumed!

These tasty treats are great for entertaining, and the fun candies and mugs add a flavor of Christmas color to your kitchen or dining room.

Christmas is a time when getting carried away is a good thing!


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