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How About Those Blues!

Tuesday's Design Tips!

Has anyone noticed how many blue tones we are surrounded by? Yes, it's summer and that typically brings the beachy blues into our view when we are out and about; but this 2019 Spring into Summer, the blues have moved into more than just the beachy look. Grey or greige are still popular, but if you are looking for that pop of color, whether it be walls, kitchen islands, bathroom vanities, mudroom/laundry room built-ins or even tile, blue is a beautify accent color to add to any space. Below are a few tones to discuss along with some examples.

Blue Tones ~

Each blue tone and hue is personal to each individual project. Not to mention, there are countless choices between, true blues, grey-blues, green-blues, etc... Below are a few examples that I am more drawn to when thinking about painting any walls, accents pieces, furniture, etc... a blue tone.

Blue Furniture/Built-ins ~

Adding the color of blue to any space whether it be a painted face of a built-in, furniture, or chairs around a dining room table add character to the room. Blues are color that work well with many other colors and metal finishes as well.

Blue Tile ~

Installing blue tile to draw attention to an area within a single space adds an unexpected touch as seen in the first kitchen photo below. Laundry rooms are a great space to add color, design, and pattern. The second photo shows a variety colored blue pattern tile paired with a darker tone blue cabinet. Anything to add character and a fun touch to a space that is full of chores is a must!

Blue Art and Accessories ~

Color accents in the room have endless possibilities (ex: rugs, throws, pillows, vases, baskets, wall art, lamps, coasters, curtains, ottomans, etc...).

What shade of blue are your favorite?


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