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How to customize your furniture

Tuesday's Design Tips!

When you are furnishing your spaces and do not have the budget to spend on customizing furniture, there are a few ways to make those big box items more personal to the space. Below are a few tips on how to make those generic pieces along with your existing items look like they are made for the space in which you want them to belong.

1. Changing out the hardware

By changing out the hardware from what the item came with to another knob or pull that goes with the space better adds customization. For instance, I exchanged out the cup pulls these two night stands came with to a satin nickle pull that dresses up these pieces and matches with the brushed nickle drum light in the room.

2. Backdrop change

Add a finish such as a painting a stencil or a wall covering to either the inside of drawers or doors or on the sides of a bookshelf or cabinet will make these pieces more personal to you.

3. Reupholster

By reupholstering existing or new chair seats and/or backs will add color and pattern for a fresh custom look.

4. Modify with cushion and repurpose

Adding a cushion top to a bar stool, chair, foot bench and/or ottoman not only makes the generic or existing piece more comfortable, but is another way to add some pzazz to the space. And who says you have to keep the side table a table, why not make it a bench with a little paint, fabric and cushion!

I hope this helps you think outside of the box to repurpose what you already have and add flavor to customize those big box store pieces to make them your own!


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