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How To Update Your Kitchen On A Budget

Tuesday's Design Tips!

When you need to change things up in your home, the kitchen is one of the first spaces that comes to mind. It's one of the most used spaces in your home as well as the area that friends and family tends to gather.

If you don't have the budget for a full remodel, there are ways to update your existing kitchen.

Change/add your cabinet hardware

By changing out the hardware to an updated color and style to your liking can add a visual impact as every door and drawer will have new jewelry to catch your eye!

Change/add the lighting

If you've got a peninsula or island with no pendant lighting or recessed cans, exchange out the cans or add new pendant lighting to add a new beautiful element to your kitchen. You are also adding functionality to your kitchen with exchanging recessed lighting out for new pendent lights by bringing the light closer to the task you have on that surface.

If you've got room above your sink; high ceilings and/or no soffit to deal with, add a mini pendent light above the sink for a great addition to brighting up sink area as well.

Paint your walls (and soffit if applicable)

Adding an updated color to your kitchen will help give you a new feel/mood to the space.

Add/change your window treatments

If you have blinds over your sink, exchange those out for a fun fabric roman shade or valance to add color and texture to your kitchen.

Add/change the kitchen rug

If you've just got a mat next to the sink, why not exchange that out for a runner or a 3'x5' rug if you have the space. There are no rules to follow for placing a rug size or shape in your kitchen. This update will not only make gathering in the kitchen easy on your feet, but will add color, shape and pattern as well.

Replace your appliances

By changing out your white/black appliances for a stainless or black stainless steal, will add an updated look as well as functionality. New appliances can be more energy efficient and they have so many great extra features these days!

Replace/add a backsplash There are so many different shapes, colors, and textures available today. By changing out or adding a backspash will make a huge impact on your existing kitchen. These days it's not just about the 18" above your countertop and below your upper cabinets. Backsplash tile can go all the way up to the ceiling if you have any open walls such as around the kitchen sink window, around the stove vent, or behind any shelving. Just keep in mind balance and symmetry.

The before and after photos below show exchanging out the backsplash as well as painting the island cabinets. If it's not in your budget to paint all of your cabinets, or you simply want to add some color to parts of the kitchen, the island is a less expensive way to add that updated change to your existing kitchen!

There are so many changes and additions you can do to update your kitchen without breaking the bank. Get creative and take the plunge. There isn't anything you can do that you can't change or modify. Just like fashion and trends change, so does your style and design inspiration. It is OK to explore your new ideas! If you need help deciding what will look great, get in touch with a local interior designer to go through options and new selections.


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