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Light Art

Tuesday's design tips!

I've read plenty of websites talking about what is to be the emphasis for interior design for 2019; lighting is a common topic among the many websites. Artisan and sculptural lighting is not just for commercial spaces anymore and have not been for quite some time. Below are a few examples of how you can play up the lighting in the rooms and create a focal and personal touch within that space with artistic light fixtures.

Artisan Lighting

Adding art to your space with lighting not only creates a visual effect with the fixture itself, but when on/lit, the different angles of the light source can add patterned lighting effect to your room as well.

The dark plum artisan lighting reminds me of a plum tulip.

And the last one on the right shows shadows that take the shape of trees; how fun!

I find many nature inspired light fixtures in today's market.

Geometric sculpture lighting.

Symmetry can be a visually more comfortable to your eye. With that said, it doesn't have to be boring. Symmetrical sculptural lighting can add that beautiful focal to your space and add an overall even lighting to the room.

Sculpture Lamps and Sconces

Add some personality to task lighting by picking light fixture art pieces. Instead of just grabbing a lamp off the shelf from Target (nothing wrong with that of course - there's a place for those as well), maybe spend a little more time looking around for that lamp or sconce that speaks to you!

Adding an art piece to any room as the lighting fixture adds detail, personality, and interest to any space as well as it makes a great conversation piece.

Don't be afraid to add some drama to your space in the form of lighting.


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