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Linen Closet Organization

Tuesday's Design Tips!

As we're ready to start our second phase of our remodel which consists of 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms; one being the master closet and on-suite, I'm thinking about organization. I have a linen closet in our hallway that we have decided to rip out and place the space in our guest bathroom for ready to use items such as towels. I have had to run out into that hallway too many times to fetch a towel after getting out of the shower because I had forgot to grab one going in...burrr!

I have heard quite a bit about the art of tiding up and know it's been a big trend to get our households in order. So below are a few tips that I have come across in which I will be incorporating into my new guest bathroom. I will be storing extra sheets and blanket in the laundry room and in guest bedrooms, at my guests finger tips. More on that in a later post.

Built in open shelves for body and hand towels. It's easy for my guests to see what is available for them to grab when needed.

If you do not have a closet or built in's to work with, you can add a free standing furniture piece in the hallway if you have room or in the bathroom. It even be a bookcase or open shelves on the wall to help keep those items organized.

Baskets to store smaller items such as extra tooth brushes, tooth paste, and body/face soap. Labeling the baskets and storage containers will help you and your guests to stay organized and find items easier as well.

Smaller see through containers to store cotton balls and Q-tips. I mention see through for a reason as some guests do not feel comfortable digging around for items they need; even through you may have mentioned it's all in there and help yourself.

Extra TP is a must! The guest bathroom in our home is not just for guests for going to the bathroom; it's the main bathroom for all of us. So make sure to keep enough in site, 3-4 rolls should do it; and the rest can be placed into a drawer or somewhere hidden away if you have the space.

Under the vanity, I will store hand soap and maybe toothbrushes and/or the rest of the bulk toilet paper because that will not be needed as often as the other items and those are items I may want to hide. Plus, my part as a host will be to ensure I am stocked and ready to host my guests...usually for weekend stays as our family and very good friends live in our neighboring states.

Hope this helps with your list of items you will want to stock up on for your guests as well as give you ideas on organization for your guest baths and linen closets.


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