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Master Bedroom Ceiling Fan-Lighting

Tuesday's Design Tips!

I'm combining this week's blog with what I'm actually searching for...a master bedroom light. But not just any light, I am looking for a fan light. As an interior designer, ceiling fans are not the easiest to find and not a go to. In my bedroom I currently have a floor fan, and want to free my floor space up with installing a ceiling fan with a light in our newly constructed master bedroom. Not to mention, it's finally summer! Well...spring, but warmer temps outside. It's nice to keep that cool air circulating within the space while you sleep.

With master bedrooms, we like to treat this space as a sanctuary. A place to get away from the rest of the house and whom ever is there...guests, kids, etc... While planning for your little retreat, lighting is like adding jewelry to your outfit. Whether it's what makes the outfit stand out and that much more special or it's a piece that adds to the outfit for a competes look.

Below are a few examples of what I am looking at to add that decorative jewel to my space as I do not want to go with a typical fan with a light, but rather make it a piece that stands out and complements my taste in design.

Rustic, But Elegant:

Modern And Interesting:

Modern-Traditional Fan Inspired:

(as in the blades stand out from the light fixture)

Which fan/light do you lean towards?


(Source Photos: Pinterest,,,,,


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