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Natural Art For Earth Day

Tuesday's Design Tips!

Yesterday was Earth Day (April 22nd). Earth day, in a broad statement, is about keeping our planet clean and taking care of it with the way we live and the products we use. To keep this on the lighter side, I think about what ways to bring nature into our homes that remind us of how beautiful our Earth is and keep it an important part of our daily lives to help take care of.

My husband tore these pieces off of a worn down barn in Iowa that was about to be cleared out. So by salvaging the good pieces or usable barn wood in our home above our staircase, we recycled this wood that would have otherwise been burned and/or thrown in the trash.

Our house is still a working progress with Phase 2 starting in our upstairs; but I had to show you this photo. I love the weathered grays and browns from this's dense with movement and color in such a way that it adds so much character to this otherwise pretty plain stair way.

Most items that can be called recycled, up-cycled, or items that have washed up and dropped from nature are great pieces. For instance, finding natural walnut or coconut bowls to place on your console table or guest bedroom to hold your collection of beach rocks or shells are a wonderful earth art example.

Other items that can be salvaged or scraps can be made into something beautiful.

scrap wall art

How about the items that are seen as imperfect or flawed? Those are some of the most beautiful items that remind me of our wonderful Earth.

And then there are those items that you can make into a one of a kind furniture piece.

coffee table

Keep in mind when finding or making these items, what are they put together and preserved with? The extra materials and chemicals can make this item Eco-friendly or an impostor. Our Earth is full of wonderfully beautiful things that we can bring into our homes as a great reminder of where we live and what we want to take care of.


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