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Nursery - Mood Boards

Tuesday's Design Tips!

Being 18 weeks pregnant, I can't help the feeling of wanting to nest. Being an interior designer and planning all the details as far in advance as possible wishes I can start the nursery set up! With that said, it's also part of our phase 2 remodel and therefore is under construction. To prep for the new room decor I set up a mood board. So when the time comes, I will know what the room will look and feel like with color schemes in advance to placing any orders. Below are a few tips about how to put together a mood board.

Before Photos:

We are at the stage of have taken the wallpapered sheetrock down and scraping the existing popcorn ceiling. We plan to insulate the interior walls as this room shares a wall with the hallway that opens up to the dining room and kitchen. Therefore, we want to insulate to help with noise control...and I will not want to wake a sleeping baby!

The mood board I have put together over that last week to give a feeling of rest and relaxation; perfect for a bedroom.

Mood board tips:

Before starting with any tangible items, think about how you want to space to feel and function. Once you've decided that, the other items will either be a yes or no.

Start with either the focus of what is going to be in the room, for example for a bedroom, perhaps a bed frame, that would be where I start.

Pick the color of the space along with the focus piece along with any accents such as the trim work.

Then the rest will fall into place (rug and/or carpet, hardware, chairs, other furniture pieces, art work, etc...) with the other items building off of those colors, textures and style of the paint and focal piece(s).

I organize a mood board from the bottom up, as in what I would see at the floor of the space up to the ceiling. Keeping the mood board arranged how you would see the items, color and texture in a space will give you a better idea how that space will come together visually.

Examples of other mood boards:

These boards can be done in a number of different ways. They can be a visual example of the ideas for the space, colors, textures, or similar items you may want to look for- for your space, or actual pieces.

There are a few more details to be hammered out as I get the decor together and ordered. I cannot wait for this room to be complete...well the rest of the phase 2 remodel as well of course. But this particular space is completely brand new to me; so stay tuned!


(Source Photos: My own photos and nursery mood board, Pinterest, blog,,


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