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Our Home Remodel - Home Gym!

Tuesday's Design Tips!

One of the big trends for 2019 is adding a home gym to your space. It just so happens that my husband and I were planning for this space in our lower level to be a multi-purpose space/home gym! It's finally done!

Below are a few tips to make working out convenience at your home! I will also reveal my own home gym space.

Instead of waiting for your particular machine to be available and pushing through crowds for weights, sometimes it can not only be more affordable, but also a better use of your time to create a space at home for a gym.

Start with what you like to do. Pick a couple of machines that suite your workout style. I like to run, and when I'm not running, I still want to get a full body workout when time is crunched and I want to take it easy on my joints; so we purchased a treadmill and an elliptical machine.

Before: When we moved in

The before photos along with the progress photos:

Organization and small space tips

When you do not have a ton of space to work with or that room needs to function as a multi-purpose space. There are machines that fold up and can roll back against a wall to free up floor space when needed.

Choose multi-functional workout machines and furniture to better utilize the space. There are also plenty of storage furniture to get workout gear off the floor.

Protect your floor

Do not forget that workout equipment can put dent marks and damage any floor. Use a rubber mat underneath all of your machines. We choose a interlocking mat to place under our machines.

Motivate with color

What color are the walls? If it's a space that needs to function as a workout space and another useful space, keep that in mind when painting your walls.

The color I choose is more of a calming, bright color, because when I run, I like to zone out and focus on my breathing and what's going through my thoughts (me time). My space can also be used as an art room and overflow space for when we have more guests than bedrooms.

Other accessories and details

Don't forget the few other items/equipment you may want to keep you occupied in that space for a period of time. I like to either watch a program on TV to zone out too or just have it on for background noise; so I've included a wall mounted TV. I also use this for any workout DVD's I use to switch up my workouts.

I've also added a full length mirror to see myself when I weight lift for proper form.

Add any motivating quotes, posters, or photos to keep you focused on what you want to achieve when you get to have your time!

And of course I included a dog bed! My oldest dog follows me everywhere I go, including the gym.


(Source Photos: My own home gym photos, Amazon, Pinterest)


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