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Tuesday's Design Tips!

With Valentine's Day next week, I thought this would be a good time to talk about how to bring in those V-Day red and pink colors into your home in an adult way.

Other than adding the red roses every February 14th, purchase a red vase that can be placed in any space at any date during the year, filled with any of your favorite seasonal flowers.

This vase pictured is the Aalto vase, designed by a Alvar Aalto (Finnish designer). The design is so unique in a way that it practically arranges the flowers for you!

Adding red bar stools to your kitchen or red chairs to your dining room will show off a vibrant red color. If you do not want to commit to an all red chair, you can simply make cushions in a beautiful red/pink fabric to add to any chair made of any color or material.

Adding red or pink fabric pillows and/or drapes to your living room or bedroom is another way to add a bright beautiful pop of Valentine color to your space.

Add art with red and pink color to you room. A mirror or art work that is framed with a red or pink frame will also pull a color of surprise into the space as well.

And one last idea; change out the chains or cords to your pendant lights in your kitchen or dining room to red instead of silver or black will add an unexpected color to your room.


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