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When To Hire An Interior Designer?

Tuesday's Design Tips!

With all of the DIY shows and tutorials out there, renovating your own home with confidence is easier today than it was five-ten years ago. And who doesn't want to save a little money where they can! While working with my last few clients this year, I have noticed what questions and concerns need the most help, which is why I'd like to discuss a few ways bringing an interior designer on will help you in your grand scheme of home renovations and you can still get what you want and save!

1. When there are so many choices and you have so many ideas, that narrowing down to one cohesive plan is a real challenge. How do you pull it all together?

While working with clients this year, I have been told there are just so many choices! So bringing me on to bring a plan together for them was all the help they needed. Sometimes it's just difficult to find that starting point and keep the theme going throughout. So bringing a professional on will help with finding what your really like and that will go with you, your aesthetic and home.

2. The details that need to be worked out.

So you have an idea of what you are drawn too, how do you get there and on a budget? An interior designer can discuss with you all those ideas and get that narrowed down to what you want to spend to get the look and feel of what you want.

3. Staying on schedule and finding those trades to do some of the work that you cannot take on yourselves.

Changing up a floor plan and/or plumbing and electrical can be a challenge. So getting the right professionals on the job can end up saving you huge amounts of money, keeping you safe and getting the project done on time and done well! A designer can help with a new floor plan and getting the right bids to take on your home renovation. You can always work with a designer on what you as the homeowner want to take on yourself.

4. Creating functionality for your lifestyle.

Kitchens tend to be the sweet spot for many homes. It's the place that we all hang out in these days. So functionality is of the most importance!

5. Stepping out of your comfort zone.

Color is pattern seem to be the most challenging for many. You want to bring in patterns, but what will go well with each other and not fight for attention, what colors will bring me relaxation and joy, but not be too overwhelming or boring. An interior designer can help with finding that perfect balance that will work best visually and most comfortably in your space. A professional can put together packages of a sort for you to see what draws your eye, and then it's not as overwhelming as you may think in the end.

So when to bring an interior designer onto your next project? It doesn't have to be an all or nothing approach. A professional can help with the little details of finishes and prep-work to working with you all the way to the larger picture. It's nice to have an Interior Designer on hand to help figure out floor plans, built-ins and offer a little extra help along the way as needed. An interior designer has been trained to find out what needs to happen for your project to run smoothly and for you as the homeowner to find happiness in your new renovated space.


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