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Wicker - Indoors?

Tuesday's Design Tips!

Wicker is a popular choice when it come to outdoor spaces; but, did you know there are ways to use wicker indoors? Below are a few ideas on how to use wicker in your homes without it feeling out of place or season.

Wicker furniture

When wanting to keep sight lines open from your living room to the next room, wicker low profile chairs are perfect for this kind of space. Wicker chairs are not as heavy looking as traditional upholstered chairs, but can just as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to the space as a regular living room chair.

Dining room wicker chairs can add color and a pop of fun to your dining room space. Wicker doesn't have to just be a shade of brown!

Wicker chairs can be hung from the ceiling to create a cozy, comfy reading nook or a fun wicker patterned chair for your guest or kid's bedroom.


Using a wicker coffee table, side table, or beside table are wonderful ways to add texture, color and an element of surprise to any space. Wicker's woven furniture can warm up any space and still be appropriate for spring and summer.


Besides wicker baskets for functional storage, adding a wicker lamp or wicker wall decor is a great way to bring in something different...not traditionally used in a Midwest home; and again, will add texture and color to the space.


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