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Window Treatments, What Do You Like?

Tuesday's Design Tips!

When adding window treatment to any space, there are a lot of options and some contradicting opinions. Wood Binds (faux and real), shutters, mini blinds, track blinds, drapery and curtains, woven wood shades, and cellular/honeycomb shades, etc... I like to step back, take a look at the space and think about what I like.

I personally like fabric curtains in just about every space as it adds an element of softness as well as color and/or pattern to the room. Some say they need to just be touching the floor or half and inch above the finished floor, but I like to point out a little pool of fabric at the bottom of the curtain onto the floor is OK as well. It's really what you like and how you want the room to feel. I have curtains in my living room that pool because I want the room to feel relaxed and cozy; nothing too formal here!

And in my dining room, they sit about a half and inch above the floor because I plan to use this space for family gatherings and possibly more structured dinners...not to mention I think curtains off the floor in this room is a cleaner look.

In the bedrooms, it honestly depends on the space and window type for me. I recently put in wood blinds in our guest bedroom on the lower level (full room reveal soon!) because I have a foot of space from the inside wall to the outside wall/window; not to mention where this window in the room is located, right next to the closet. The blinds are delight style (Hunter Douglas), so there are no stings through the blinds themselves, to block light from coming into the room when closed.

Other things to remember: Are you going to want to close off the window in any way? Options to dress up the window and add color and patter the the room and just that:

Stationary Panel and valance:

Options to add texture, color, and pattern that can be fully functional and specific to that window. In other words, in spaces where there are other obstacles to work around, such as a window above a soaking tub, banquette seating below the window, or maybe this is a high traffic area so ceiling to floor drapes are not the best solution.

Roman Shades, blinds of any type, and shutters

Once you've figured out what specific window treatment you want in your space, you can then move onto the hardware...that is an entirely new blog!

So there are all of these rules out there to help you, but just remember it's also what you like and are pleased with! You can mix and match for options for that window or commit to one look. If you need any help in deciding, there are thousands of articles and blogs as well as local interior designers to help! Just remember to keep your our opinion in the mix!


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