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Winter Greens!


With winter right around the corner, (I actually see a chance of snow next week already) our yards and streets turn from the bright colors of summer and fall to white with snow. There are some plants that you may have already brought inside next to a window for sun light. But how about the rooms we spend a little more time in that do not have access to large windows?

I would like to talk about the greens that we can add to our homes that actually do not all need the sun, therefore, can be brought into spaces like our lower levels/basements and rooms that aren't always flooded with natural light to help with the winter blues.

1. Succulents

"Succulents do best in bright but indirect sunlight. Different species can tolerate different amounts of light.

-better homes and gardens

These plants are easy to appreciate and take care of. They can survive the dryer climate that winter tends to bring us. Succulent plants have thick stems, leaves and roots allowing it to be watered every other week or so. Giving the plant a large dose of water to the point where it's running out the drain holes will allow this plant to use and store water as it needs to last longer between watering's as well as the dryer climate.

According to Better Homes & Gardens, succulents need less water in the winter as they tend to go into a dormant period. Water depends on the light and growing conditions. Please keep in mind, if the plant is first being established, it may need more light and water; however, once they aren't babies anymore, light and water can decrease.

Indirect light from reflective surfaces in your home and incandescent light will help keep these little fellas alive and well.

To look into popular succulents and health benefits, please visit: &

Easy house guests to take care of and play well with others are always welcome in my home!

2. Air Plants or Tillandsia

A plant that does not need soil to grow! This plant just needs to soak in water every other week for about 5-10 minutes and keep out of direct sunlight. I don't think this can get any easier!

Bright filtered or indirect light is ideal for these indoor air plants. So a south and north facing room is ideal for this plant. If in a room with direct light, remember it needs more water as this plant does not survive on air along, despite its name.

"A sunny bathroom makes a happy home for an air plant, because the humidity from your shower will take care of most plant misting for you"

If placed in an office or basement, with no natural light, these plants will need a minimum of 12 hours of artificial light and need to be placed no further than 3 feet away from that light source. My walk-out basement is perfect for these!

To get more information on how to take care of these little guys, please visit:

3. Bamboo

"Just put bamboo in water and make sure you replace it with clean water every once in a while"


These plants are great for those movie/theater rooms and bedrooms as they require very little light.

Winter is a good time to catch up on books, movies and some of those indoor household projects you've been meaning to get too. So fill your space with a little bit of greenery that can help your mood, productivity and indoor air quality...and being reminded that nature's colorful beauty will return!

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