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Winter Mantel Decor

Tuesday's Design Tips!

When my husband and I were looking for a house, a fireplace with a mantel was on my list of must haves. I'm not sure why, but a fireplace just adds a cozy ambiance to the living room and mantels are fun to decorate with the changing seasons. With winter here and Christmas in just a few short weeks, I thought I would look into ideas to change up the mantel. Below are a few ideas to start with.

Add winter greens

With the addition of winter greens with what you may have sitting on the mantel already adds a touch of color and texture to your fireplace. When Christmas rolls around you've got the perfect backdrop for all the Christmas decor you may want to add later on.

Winter wonderland

Adding white snowflakes and snow owls or snowmen along with candles adds that winter wonderland warm glow and welcoming, 'come sit by the fire and stay awhile' feel.

Rustic farmhouse

Adding some rustic, but soft features to the fireplace creates a farmhouse, homey feel to the space. Adding a wreath with greenery a picture frame or large breadbasket along with a few crocks holding a few sticks or pussy willow branches adds rustic charm. Place a basket of extra throw blankets on the hearth to finish the space. Hot chocolate anyone?!

Winter Color

Poinsettias as perfect to add life and color to your mantel for the winter season. Add a few colored candles of blues and greens or a glass full of Christmas ball ornaments to add shape and color.

These are just a few ideas to add texture, warmth, color and a cozy feeling to your mantel in your living rooms during these colder months. Stay warm!


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