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Design Services

I understand not just one package fits all - send me an email or give me a call, so we can tailor a service that is suitable to what you need for your home project.

services offered,
but are not limited to

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Home Remodel 

From a single room to a multiple space remodel, I will guide you through the process of designing a new space that will give you the look and feel you and your family need.  Kitchen, bath, master suite to basements/lower level walk outs, I will dig into all of the details needed to complete your new space(s) with your style and functional needs.

- Construction drawings

- Custom cabinet drawings

- New furniture, fixture, hardware, lighting, materials, finish, art and accessories      selections

- Project management from start to finish to implement a new design

Space Planning and Decorating

Switching out your furniture, fixture and layout with items that reflect your personal taste and needs to create a beautiful home that works for you.   I will create a new custom floor plan with new items to work with your home and any items you want to incorporate into a new design for your space.  Adding new layers of color, texture and finishes will give your home a new comfortable look and feel.

Home Refresh Consultation

Sometimes you just need a small change for a big impact.  I offer paint and design consultations to refresh your space(s).  

Working with Nicole on my kitchen remodel was fabulous.  I'm so left-brained, it was reassuring to have a right-brained person to help me through selections.  She gave me confidence that it would all look good together in the end.  She was patient with me when I didn't spark to any of the options, and she would take more time to find me more options.  A great result (i.e: beautiful new kitchen)...AND Nicole made it far less stressful!


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